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Accuway UZ-2000T2Y Multi Axis CNC Lathe SKU# 2362

Accuway UZ-2000T2Y Multi Axis CNC Lathe SKU# 2362


1 in stock

Used Accuway UZ-2000T2Y Multi Axis CNC Turn Mill for Sale.

Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
SKU: 2362
Make/Model: Accuway UZ-2000T2Y

1 in stock


*All specifications are approximations and are subject to verification. Comes as shown in the images. Please give us a call if you have any questions before purchasing. All sales are final.*

Year:2016 (Sold & Installed in 2018)
Cycle Time:1525 Hours


Equipped With:
Mitsubishi M800 Series 6 Axis CNC Control
Twin Turrets with Live Tools
Tool Holders on Both Turrets
Sub Spindle
Servo Controlled Full C-Axis on Both Spindles
16 Station Upper Turret
16 Station Lower Turret
Y Axis Capability on Upper Turret
Both Spindle Synchronization
Auto Parts Catcher
High Pressure Coolant System
Foot Switches
Chip Conveyor
Parts Conveyor
Coolant Tank
Books and Manuals


Main Spindle Bore: 2.5″
Sub Spindle Bore: 2.5″
Main Spindle Nose: A2-5
Sub Spindle Nose: A2-5
Main Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM
Sub Spindle Speed: 5000 RPM
Main Spindle Power: 25 HP
Sub Spindle Power: 25 HP


Upper Turret Capacity: 16 Stations
Lower Turret Capacity: 16 Stations
Live Milling Speed: 6000 RPM
Live Milling Motor: 7.5 HP
Turret Index Time (Tool to Tool): 0.2 sec


Max Turning Diameter Upper Turret : 12.6″
Max Turning Diameter Lower Turret : 12.6″
Max Swing : 25.9″
Max Swing with Cross Slide: 24.4”
Max Turning Length: 31.1″
Max Bar Capacity Main Spindle : 2.04″
Max Bar Capacity Sub Spindle : 2.04″
Distance Between Spindle Centers: 45.2″


X1 Axis Travel Upper Turret: 8.3″
X2 Axis Travel Lower Turret : 8.3″
Y Axis Travel Upper Turret: -1.5″/+2.4″
Z1 Axis Travel Upper : 33″
Z2 Axis Travel Lower : 33″
B Axis Travel: 36.2″ ( Sub Spindle )
C Axis: 360° (0.001°) Both Spindle


Feedrate: Rapid Traverse
X1, X2 Axis: 1181 IPM Rapid Traverse
Y Axis: 1181 IPM Rapid Traverse
Z1, Z2 Axis: 1181 IPM Rapid Traverse


Power Source: AC 220v / 3-Phase / 60 Hz
Power Requirement: 64 kw
Machine Dimensions: 185″ x 95″ x 91″ Height
Machine Dimensions: 210″ x 95″ x 91″ Height (With Chip Conveyor)
Machine Weight: 24,251 lbs Approx


The Accuway UZ-2000T2Y Multi Axis CNC Turn Mill is an advanced machine with a range of features designed to meet precise and demanding needs in the automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries. It is equipped with Mitsubishi M800 series 6 axis CNC control to ensure accuracy and precision.

It has twin turrets with live tools, tool holders on both turrets, a sub spindle and servo controlled full C-axis on both spindles. Its 16 station upper turret and 16 station lower turret are capable of Y axis movement for increased versatility. Both spindle synchronization allows tight tolerance workpiece production while the auto parts catcher increases production time efficiency.

The High pressure coolant system, foot switches and chip conveyor provide the user with a safe and efficient working environment while the coolant tank and parts conveyor help to minimize downtime. The machine is powered by AC 220v / 3-phase / 60 Hz power source and requires 64kw of power. It has dimensions of 185″ x 95″ x 91″ height (210″ x 95″ x 91″ height with chip conveyor) and weighs approximately 16,240 lbs.

The Accuway UZ-2000T2Y Multi Axis CNC Turn Mill is an ideal choice for those looking for high accuracy, versatility and production efficiency in their machining operations.


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