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Showing 1–20 of 29 results

We buy and sell Used Manual Lathes from all the top manufacturers – LeBlond, Okuma, Mazak, Logan, American, Sharp. Hardinge, Clausing, Victor & Acra.

Used Manual Lathes

In a metalworking lathe, metal is removed from the workpiece using a hardened cutting tool. This is usually fixed to a solid moveable mounting, either a tool-post or a turret. Which is then moved against the workpiece using handwheels and/or computer-controlled motors.

The tool-post operates lead-screws that accurately position the tool in a variety of planes. The tool-post may be driven manually or automatically to produce the roughing and finishing cuts required to turn the workpiece. Cutting fluid may also be pumped to the cutting site to provide cooling, lubrication and clearing of swarf from the workpiece.

Manually controlled metalworking lathes commonly provide a variable-ratio gear-train to drive the main lead-screw. CNC lathes therefore use computers to regulate the rates of movement.