DREIS KRUMP Chicago 1012 L Mechanical Press Brake
SKU 1024
Make Dreis & Krump Mfg. Co.
Country of Origin USA
Model No. 1012-L
Serial No: L-16439
Condition Excellent
  • DREIS KRUMP Chicago 1012 L Features:
  • Motorized Ram Adjustment.
  • Manual 20″ Back Gauge.
  • DREIS KRUMP Chicago 1012 L Specifications:
  • Capacities: 12′ X 12 Ga. Mild Steel / 10′ X 10 Ga. Mild Steel / 8′ X 3/16″ Mild Steel / 5′ X 1/4″ Mild Steel
  • Tonnage Capacity: 60 Tons @ Mid Stroke / 90 Tons Near Bottom
  • Overall Length Of Bed & Ram: 12′
  • Distance Between Housings: 10’6″
  • Stroke: 3″
  • Ram Adjustment: 4″ (powered)
  • Shut Height S.D.A.U.: 12″
  • Throat Depth: 8″
  • Width Of Bed: 4″
  • Floor To Top Of Bed: 34-1/2″
  • S.P.M. (approx.): 40
  • Motor: 5
  • Horsepower, 1,750 rpm, 230 / 460 Volt
  • Electrical: 230 / 460 Volt, Three Phase
  • Overall Dimensions: 152″ x 72″ x 100″ tall
  • DREIS KRUMP Chicago 1012 L and Comes as shown in pictures.

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