Boyar Schultz Challenger 6 18 Surface Grinder
Make Boyar-Schultz
Model No. Challenger 6-18
Country of Origin: USA
Serial # CH-2038
Condition Very Good
  • Boyar Schultz Challenger 6 18 Surface Grinder Features:
  • All castings are specially designed for permanent stability. They are made of special wear resisting alloys, and scientifically stress relieved.
  • All way surfaces are finished to “light Band” accuracy and are hand spotted as required for maximum wear resistance and minimum friction.
  • Wheel Spindle is of sturdy proportions, with all diametes and threads ground. This eliminates distortion and vibration detrimental to smooth finishes. Spindle is mounted in heady duty, pre-loaded precision ball bearings and permanently lubricated. The bearings are completely shielded from contamination by labyrinth seals at both ends of the housing.
  • Cross Feed of table carriage is guided by a hard-chromed member. Cross feed can be secured in position by a blinding screw provided for face grinding.
  • Both vertical and transverse screws have ground threads and are mounted on precision ball bearings.Transverse Screw is totally enclosed in Neoprene accordian sleeves. Both transverse and vertical screws operate in precision cut bronze nuts.
  • Vertical Screw is actuated by selected bevel gears which pemit exceptionally accurate vertical control of grinding spindle.
  • Table is rack and pinion controlled for smooth and easy operation. Extra length VEE and flat table ways distribute weight over greatest practival area and reduce wear to a minimum.
  • Vertical Column is massive, box type construction, with spindle housing and spindle drive balanced in column ways. This advanced design results in most accurate and sensitive control of vertical wheel travel.
  • Control Hand Wheels are located to permit greatest ease of operation. All hand wheel shafts operate in ball bearings or needle bearings throughout.
  • Hand Wheel Graduations are machined to substantial depth for easy readability. Elevating Hand Wheel Pointer is vernier scaled to .0001″.One oil cup provides complete lubrication to all longitudinal and transverse ways and cross feed screw. A second oil cup lubricates the entire vertical way system and the vertical screw. All other bearings are permanently grease packed.
  • 18″ x 6″ Magnetic Chuck.
  • Boyar Schultz Challenger 6 18 Surface Grinder Specifications:
  • Table:
  • Working Surface: 18″ x 5-5/8″
  • X-Axis Travel: 19″
  • Y-Axis Travel: 7″
  • Longitudinal Table Feed: 0 to 50 FPM
  • Spindle:
  • Maximum Wheel Diameter: 7″
  • Maximum work Height Over Table: 11-1/4″
  • Speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Motor: 1 Horsepower, 230 / 460 Volt, 3,450 RPM, 3.5 / 1.75 Amps, 60 Hz
  • Handwheel Graduations:
  • Crossfeed: 0.001″
  • Downfeed: 0.0005″
  • General:
  • Electrical: 230 / 460 Volt, Three Phase
  • Overall Dimensions: 50″ x 39″ x 65″ tall

Boyar Schultz Challenger 6 18 Surface Grinder Comes as shown in pictures.

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