Tsugami B0205-III CNC Swiss Screw Machine

Tsugami B0205-III CNC Swiss Screw Machine

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Make/Model: TSUGAMI B0205-III


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Condition:Used – Good


Equipped With:
Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Control
Comes with Edge Minuteman 320 SE Bar Feeder
Live Tools Capable
Long Parts Capable
MPG Handwheel Control
Part Catcher
Main & Back Spindle Synchronization
High Speed Rapid Travers: 944 IPM
High Speed Program Processing
Absolute Position Detection
Automatic Lubrication System
Coolant Tank
Voltage Stepdown Transformer
Leveling Pads
Books and Manuals


Max Turning Diameter: 0.79″ (20 mm)
Max Turning Length: 8.3″ (210 mm)
Max Turning Length with Gripping Unit: 6.69″ (170mm)
Max Bar Capacity: 0.79″ (20 mm)
Max Tool Positions: 21
Max. Main Spindle Drilling Diameter: 0.39″ (10 mm)
Max. Main Spindle Tapping Diameter: M10
Max. Back Spindle Chucking Diameter: 0.79″ (20 mm)
Max. Back Spindle Drilling Diameter: 0.31″ (8 mm)
Max. Back Spindle Tapping Diameter: M8
Max. Cross Drilling Diameter: 0.275 ( 7 mm)/ER11 and 0.393″ (10 mm)/ER16
Max. Cross Tapping Diameter: M5 x 0.8 (option)
Max. Tool Spindle Slotting Cutter Diameter: 1.18″ (30 mm)
Max. Back Drilling Diameter: 0.275″ (7 mm)
Max. Back Tapping Diameter: M5


Main Spindle Indexing: 0.01° (C-Axis Control) ?
Main Spindle Bore: 0.79″ (20 mm)
Main Spindle Speed: 10000 RPM
Back Spindle Motor: 3.7 kw
Back Spindle Index: 1° ?
Back Spindle Speed: 12000 RPM
Back Spindle Motor: 2.2 kw


Standard Tools:
OD Tools: 9
Stationary Tools For Front Spindle: 4
Stationary Tools For Back Spindle: 4


Power Driven Tools Attachment:
Power Driven Tools: 4
Driven Tool Speed: 8000 RPM
Driven Tool Motor: 1.2 kw


Power Source: AC 220v / 3-Phase /60 Hz
Power Requirement: 11 kva
Overall Dimensions: 65.16″ X 44.29″ X 66.93″ High without Bar Feeder
Weight: 4409 lbs Approx


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