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CNC lathes are equipped with a chuck that holds the raw material (usually a rod or cylinder) and a cutting tool that shapes the material as it is turned. The chuck and cutting tool are mounted on a carriage that moves along the length of the raw material as it is rotated.

The CNC lathe is programmed with a set of instructions that tell the machine how to move the chuck and cutting tool to produce the desired shape. The instructions are typically entered into the machine using a computer interface, and the machine is then able to execute the instructions automatically.

CNC lathes are highly accurate and can produce complex shapes and features with a high degree of precision. They are also fast and efficient, allowing manufacturers to produce large quantities of parts quickly and with minimal waste. View our lathe brands here:

Haas | Doosan | Mori Seiki | Johnford

Our staff has expert knowledge in each of these brands and will help you select the perfect model for your shop needs. View our full inventory below. We have machines in stock and ready to ship today! If you do not see the machine you are looking for, send us an email and we will find it for you.


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