NEW Quaser MV134C/12C Vertical Machining Center - MachineStation
Quaser MV134C CNC Vertical Machining Center
Quaser MV134C CNC Vertical Machining Center aQuaser MV134C CNC Vertical Machining Center bQuaser MV134C CNC Vertical Machining Center c

NEW Quaser MV134C/12C Vertical Machining Center

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Product Description

Quaser MV134C/12C CNC VMC

Model: MV134C/12C

Quaser MV134C/12C Features:

Powerful 25 HP H/L Shifting Spindle Motor
Digital Servo and Spindle Drives
12,000 RPM Spindle with Chiller
AICC I Contour Control
Additional Tool and Work Offsets
40 Block Look Ahead
1280 Meters of Memory
Work Light
Machine Status Light
Rigid Tapping
Helical Interpolation
Custom Macro B  High Speed Skip Function
PCMCIA Slot for Flash Memory & Modem Card
8.4″ LCD Color Monitor with Graphics
RS232C Interface with Ethernet Connection
Full Machine Guarding
High Speed 30 Tool Swing-Arm ATC
Random Access Bi-directional Tool Magazine
45mm Y&Z Roller Guides-35mm X Linear Guide
Direct Coupled Servo Motors
Pre-Tensioned Hardened and Ground Ball screws
Remote Manual Pulse Generator
Prep for  Coolant Through Spindle
Heavy Duty Coolant Pump
Circular Coolant Nozzle
BIG PLUS Dual Contact Spindle
Hand Held Coolant Gun
Dual Chip Augers
16 gal./min. Chip Removal System
Full Chip, Coolant Guards with Top Cover

Quaser MV134C/12C Specifications:

Motor FANUC AC Digital Spindle Motor
Horsepower 25 HP High/Low Shifting
Max Spindle Torque 87.0 ft/lbs.
Maximum Speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle Belt to Spindle
Spindle Nose to Table 3.9″ ~ 26.0″

Size 37.0″ x 21.7″
T-Slots No. Width, Pitch 5 x 0.71″ x 3.93″
Maximum Load 1,102.3 lbs.
Table Height 33.7″

Tool Type CT-40 (BT-40 Optional)
Tool Selection Bi-directional Random Access
Max Tool Weight 22.1 lbs.
Max Tool Length 11.8 ”
Max Tool Diameter 3.0″ / 5.9″ with empty adjacent pocket
Max Tool Capacity 30 Standard (48, 60 Optional)
Tool Change Time 1.5 sec (T-T) 4.1 sec (C-C)

X-Axis 26.0″ 2.4 Hp
Y-Axis 22.5″ 2.4 Hp
Z-Axis 22.1″ 3.4 Hp

X-Y-Z Axis + 0.00012″ + 0.00008″

X-Y-Z Axis 1417 imp 787 ipm

Machine Weight 13,227 lbs.
Floor Space WxLxH

80.7″ x 123.54″. 118.1″
Main Power 220v / 60Hz 23kVA

Coolant Tank Capacity  ———————————————————–92.4 gal
Spindle Coolant Nozzle ———————————————————–19.8 gal. 43.5 psi
Coolant Through Spindle ———————————————————290 psi / 6.6 gal.
Wash Down ————————————————————————–16 psi / 19.8 gal.

Air Requirements ——————————————————————-85 psi min. with ½” supply line.
Line Voltage ————————————————————————–220 VAC 3 phase.
Power Consumption—————————————————————-23 kVA


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